Beyond the Mailbox: Integrating Geo-Farming Postcards into Your Overall Marketing Strategy 

Geo-Farming Postcards

In real estate, lead generation and conversion is the key to success. One effective marketing strategy for real estate agents is geo-farming postcards. Geo-farming is a marketing strategy that targets a specific geographic area, often a neighborhood or community, and sends marketing materials to residents. Geo farming postcards are an excellent way to build brand … Read more

Transform Your Body with Safe and Effective Weight Loss Injections in San Marcos

Weight loss

Weight loss can be challenging; for some people, diet and exercise alone may not be enough to achieve their desired results. Fortunately, safe and effective weight loss injections can help transform your body and reach your goals. There are several options for weight loss injections San Marcos that can support your journey to a healthier … Read more

Mexico-based Nowports Fundann Azevedotechcrunch Latin America

mexicobased nowports azevedotechcrunch latin america 150m

The digital freight forwarder of Latin America, Nowports has raised up to $150 million in their recent Series C funding round. This increased the company’s worth to a whopping $1.1 billion. For those in the dark, automated freight forwarders utilize digital tools to improve efficiencies and communication in the shipping process, along with certain other … Read more

Verse Innovation raised $100M in funding for Josh

verse innovation dailyhunt josh 100m series

Who had ever anticipated that there would be a time when a native language technology system would rule the country? But truth be spoken, VerSe Innovation has managed to be the most prominent Indian platform. And if the reports are to be considered, the team has recently announced raising $100 million+ in the Series H … Read more

Genesis raised $200M led by Tiger Global (Azevedotechcrunch/Accellundentechcrunch)

genesis accellundentechcrunch

Genesis, which came with a low-code or no-code application platform for financial marketers, announced it had raised a $200 million investment from Tiger Global Management. The financing has come 11 months after the company declared of raising $45 million. It is $5 million less than last year by bootstrapping the business. The idea of the … Read more